Bhuvnesh Mann: He Changed To Exist And He Existed To Mature

bhuvnesh mam-01There has been a lot that’s unsaid and unspoken about Bhuvnesh Mann. Too many speculations and facts that were either fabricated our were for real, but then there is hardly anyone who knows the complete picture.

His journey as an actor began in the year 2007 with Dahhej on 9X, where he essayed the role of Soham Mehta opposite Anisha Kapoor, who played his wife Kalyaani Parikh.

More than the show, one got to hear a lot about Bhuvnesh and Anisha’s on and off relationship. However, post the channel came to a halt, one saw Bhuvnesh in Dehleez (2009) where he essayed the role of Arjun opposite Preeti Gandwani, who played his wife Indu.

Dehleez ended on May 22, 2009 and that was the last that one saw him. After a gap of almost three years, one saw Bhuvnesh Mann essaying the role of Karthik in Maayke Se Bandhi Dor (2011) on Star Plus.

Once again, there were too many speculations about what he did and where did he go, some said he went back to Delhi, while some wrote some other else, but the bottom like was everything remained unanswered.

Moving on, post Maayke Se Bandhi Dor, once again Bhuvnesh Mann kind of vanished, but then it was last year that one saw him essay the role of Dev Goenka in Ek Hasina Thi and that made everyone take notice of his talent.

This time around, one saw a huge change in him as an actor, as he gave his character a beautiful dimension. Even though the story revolved around Durga Thakur (Sanjeeda Sheikh), Shaurya Goenka (Vatsal Sheth) and Sakshi Goenka (Simone Singh); Bhuvnesh as Dev Goenka made his presence felt.

One could see the dedication and commitment in his performance and I will not be wrong in saying that now he is here to stay.

All said and done, you don’t owe anybody any explanation, but you talent needs to be nurtured and seen.

You are born to be real, not to be perfect, you are here to be you and not to be fake. Guess that’s how I would like to sum up Bhuvnesh Mann.

Here’s wishing him all the best and we do hope to see him in many more successful shows in the years to come.


Summary: There has been a lot that's unsaid and unspoken about Bhuvnesh Mann but he is one actor who has a lot that needs to spoken about.
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