Amit Tandon Talks About His Love For Tattoos

Amit Tandon Talks About His Love For Tattoos

TV actor Amit Tandon is crazy about tattoos and he dons six inked designs on his body. The handsome hunk spoke about his tattoo love in an interview and said, “Technically six tattoos but two of them are covered so I am left with 4 tattoos. I previously had a different tattoo which I now have gotten covered up and redone into this new tattoo. It’s the symbol of a Sikh Nihang warrior and a hawk both about to enter a war and attacking the enemy. I have my grandparents’ portraits on my left forearm, a tribal lion on my right forearm, a tribal Aum design on my upper right shoulder and the Sikh warrior with hawk on my upper left shoulder. I was actually looking to cover my previous tattoo of a trishul and Shiv as I was not happy with the way it was done. I consulted with my tattoo artist Manjeet Singh, who is one of the world’s best and award winning tattoo artists. He came up with this design for me.”

“Today tattoos have become very common so I don’t think they should be a hindrance when playing certain characters on screen. They can also be covered up with makeup,” said the actor when asked about tattoos being a problem while taking up roles.

Amit has another idea for his next tattoo and he says that would be the last one. He mentioned, “My cousins and I are planning on getting a small symbol tattoo of our family name ‘Tandon’ during our next family vacation in July. It will be an interesting symbol with a design of the letter T. My last tattoo was done in last week and before that were my grandparents’ portraits six months ago. The Shiva tattoo has been covered with the Sikh warrior. Now only one new tattoo in July of the letter ‘T’ and then that should be it.”

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