A New Ray Of Hope in Bigg Boss 9 – Rishabh Sinha

A New Ray Of Hope in Bigg Boss 9 – Rishabh Sinha

After three weeks of silly fights and sweet nothings, finally the house will witness a gush of fresh air with wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha. Paving his way through reality show stardom, Rishabh is all set to shake the Bigg Boss house.

Known for his Casanova image, it will be fun to see how charming can he be on the show. Tonight’s episode will air his grand entry in the house. They will also show him giving a piece of advice to Prince that it is a game show and no one is here to make friends. Looks like this wild card entry will add that zing which was missing from the show for quite some time now.

“I have been an ardent viewer of Bigg Boss and have closely followed every season. I will be entering the house to give the contestants a reality check and shake them up to be back in the game. I am very excited to enter the house and will make sure that the contestants will now get the real taste of double trouble,” said Rishabh about his stint in BB.

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