A Mysterious Fortuneteller In The Bigg Boss House

A Mysterious Fortuneteller In The Bigg Boss House

There is no doubt about the fact that this season of Bigg Boss has contestants who are just too lukewarm. Most of the housemates seem to not know anything about the game show as they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Plus, this time there is no one who is extremely expressive or different from the lot to spice things up. So here is what Bigg Boss did to jolt the contestants a little. He made few of the contestants listen to what “Baba” had to say through headphones and also showed Suyyash and Prince short clips from their family members.

The sole motive behind this mystery fortuneteller was to wake the contestants, who are so mind numbingly inactive for over two weeks now. To add some heat to the game, Bigg Boss tried to feed ideas into the minds of Rochelle, Prince, Suyyash, Aman, Yuvika and Kishwer. Prince was deeply affected after hearing the message from his sister about him losing his individuality in the show. Prince started pondering deep and planned a new strategy. He kept on saying “Main apni karunga ab kisiki nahi sununga.” Aman was seen thinking about what he heard through the headphones. Suyyash too was misty-eyed when he heard his sister’s message, but controlled his emotions.

Hopefully, Baba’s advice will be taken seriously and the housemates will finally get their game faces on!

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