Salman Khan’s 10 Ka Dum Not To Return This Year

Salman Khan’s 10 Ka Dum Not To Return This Year


The day ‘10 Ka Dum to return on Indian TV’ hit the web, people just couldn’t keep calm! There were reports that Salman and channel, both were keen on revamping the show and release a new season soon in June. It seems like someone jinxed it!

This not only got his fans excited but also left everyone waiting for the best show of the year (of course after Bigg Boss) to return on Indian television.

However, according to a report in DNA, it has been confirmed that 10 Ka Dum will NOT be returning this year. Yes, that’s right. The show will not be returning as Salman has his movie commitments to look forward to. Also, the makers weren’t ready with rushing into the pre-production without any plans.

After putting a lot of thought on it, the channel and makers have decided to push the show next year.

Oh, Salman! We miss you already.

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