Pipsi Trailer Win The Hearts Of The Little Ones

Pipsi Trailer Win The Hearts Of The Little Ones


Pipsi, a Marathi film, that traces the adventures of 2 innocent kids is releasing on 27th July 2018 all across Maharashtra. It is produced and presented by Vidhi Kasliwal of Landmarc Films. Pipsi’s trailer was recently launched exclusively for the students of Holy Family High School, Mumbai.

During the trailer launch event, the protagonists – Chaani (Maithili Patwardhan) and Balu (Sahil Joshi) chatted and interacted with the school children.

Set in rural Maharashtra, Pipsi revolvles around the world through the eyes of two innocent children, Chaani and Balu, who embarks on a journey of hope to save her ailing mother with the unflinching belief that the fate of her mother is tied to the life of a fish she names ‘Pipsi’.

Written by Saurabh Bhave, directed by Rohan Deshpande, Omkar Kulkarni is the lyricist and Debarpito has scored the music for Pipsi. This journey of hope will be enjoyed on July 27 all across Maharashtra by one and all.

Check out the trailer right away:

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