Bucket List Review: Madhuri Dixit’s Easy-Breezy Slice Of Life Film Will Leave You In Awe

Bucket List Review: Madhuri Dixit’s Easy-Breezy Slice Of Life Film Will Leave You In Awe

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Madhuri Dixit fans were waiting for this diva’s Marathi debut, Bucket List and this watch is worth the wait. Madhuri as Madhura Sane, who plays the role of a housewife leads a happy life with her adorable supportive family.

The scene opens with a team of surgeons prepping for a surgery. Before entering the operation theatre, the patient sits up on the operating table and demands to meet her husband. After a bit of argument at the OT, the doctor spares her a few minutes and she holds her husband a lost of dos and don’ts – Asking the milkman to reduce the daily quota by half-a-liter, ensuring the maid sweeps properly by covering the corners of the house, no sleepovers for the daughter, and so on! The leading lady is so consumed with her household chores, her bucket list was filled with no other than daily chores. And most of the ladies do lead a life like this. Might be shocking to many, but this is how a woman, especially a housewife leads her life.

After the surgery, Madhura’s life takes a topsy-turvy turn, when she comes across the bucket list of her heart donor, who is a 20-year-old girl. The desire to fulfill what the young soul left behind is absolutely awe-worthy! Someone actually thinking and wishing to complete someone else’s life left me with a heavy heart. To relive the nitty-gritty things which may be a 40-year-old housewife would never think about, or something is long forgotten as a young adult gives this film a new hope of ray.

Madhuri shines as bright as her smile in the film. The duo – Renuka Shahane and Madhuri Dixit will surely make you walk the memory lane of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. As a ’90s kid, it did make me feel all nostalgic. Sumeet Raghavan, our very own Sahil Sarabhai is too cute to handle. This simply slice-of-life story will leave you with a smile on your face.

We give this one 3 stars with a kink!

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