The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Episode 1 Review: You Shall Feel The Pain To Attain Freedom

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Episode 1 Review: You Shall Feel The Pain To Attain Freedom

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The day I started reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Attwood, it left me furious, agitated, steamed sore-headed and all the emotions I could feel being a feminist. Yes, girls are not child-bearing machines, even if the humankind is under threat. When the news hit the screens of this dystopic sci-fi drama to be made in series, nothing left me more excited. Keeping aside the wrath against the autocrats, I decided to go ahead with the season 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale aired on Hulu. Leaving me more outraged, the series gave a new look to what was written in 1985. The makers not only picked the highlights from the book but also gave it a new turn where all the readers could take a grip on the cliff-hanger ending of the novel. (Thank God) I couldn’t sleep for days after reading it! Who likes cliff-hangers, right?

Finally, Offred’s dark day ended with a ride to a new destination where she was taken to a place to pay off for her deeds.

In case you don’t remember, here’s how it went in the finale – Offred and other handmaids were forced into stone-killing Janine, as she stood as a threat to the child she bore.

The season 1 episode 10 ended with a night where Offred is been abducted by the men-in-black, where she hopes to see the day of light, but season 2 had some other plans. The second season is more vicious, more brutish and more merciless. The handmaids are tortured by a threat by hanging them to death, but they don’t kill them. Instead, they are punished in the most relentless manner, by asking them to hold the same stones which were used for killing Janine in the severe rains of Gilead. Stern enough to be upfront about her doings, Aunt Lydia figures that Offred is blessed by the gods, and she will be giving the Waterford a child soon.

All set to rebel against the system, June Osbourne decides to disobey Aunt Lydia but bounded by the law, she subtly blackmails Offred to follow the orders. Accepting the situation and deciding to go with the flow is what Offred is doing since the season 1. The act of punishment gets cruel when the handmaids are punished to rise up against the dreadful act of stone-killing. The first punishment left me with a dead ear.

The episode ends with a smile on not only our face but Offred’s too! A successful plan to get rid of Gilead takes her to Nick, who apparently works from someone else (from the looks of season 1) and desires to free the handmaid of Waterford from the terror.

Aunt Lydia said it right, there is more than one kind of freedom, there is freedom to, and freedom from!

The series has left spellbinding with its twists and turns, we wish this has more to give us in return!

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