The Gorgeous Kris Jenner Turns 60 Today!

The Gorgeous Kris Jenner Turns 60 Today!

Kris Jenner of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians fame, is the reason behind the Kardashian empire. She has brought up 5 successful daughters who are in the top of their game. The diva turns 60 today and my oh my! She looks gorgeous!

Apart from being the mother of her popular daughters, Kris is a star herself. She is a part of various public events and has managed to heat up many popular magazine covers. She joined her daughters on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s 50th anniversary issue and flaunted her lovely legs as she posed pantless. Kris also attended quite a few New York and Paris Fashion Week parties, all thanks to her fashion model daughter Kendall.

She has also had a hard time accepting Caitlyn Jenner, her ex-husband, who recently came out as transgender, in her life. She is also moving on with her life with her much younger boyfriend Corey Gamble. On her birthday, we wish Kris Jenner all the love and happiness in life.

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