Star Wars Cast’s Rigorous Jedi Training Video Is Out

Star Wars Cast’s Rigorous Jedi Training Video Is Out


Behind the scenes, Daisy Ridley had to go through a rigorous training, which involved learning to fight with her staff and then, finally sword fighting training that allowed to swing like a pro.

In a featurette released just recently, Ridley is seen practicing with her fighting coach Lian Yang. Coach Yang said:

“I was planning to teach her the whole routine in three days but she surprisingly learned everything in an hour and a half. She’s a very quick learner.”

Talking about the training sessions, Daisy Ridley said:

“Physically I never really had to push myself that hard and stamina wise you’re like oh my god. It’s like a psychological thing of knowing that you can do it more and more and more.”

The rest of the cast also shows their hard training for the film. Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brianne of Tarth in Game of Thrones, said that fight training for the clash between Finn (John Boyega) and Captain Phasma (her character in Star Wars) was the hardest physical thing she had done yet. John Boyega also said that the shoot for the showdown between Finn and Phasma was very tiring.

Catch the special video here:

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