Seven Times When Sheldon Gave ‘Bazinga’ Comebacks

Seven Times When Sheldon Gave ‘Bazinga’ Comebacks

Sheldon Lee Cooper, fondly called by his mother as ‘Shelly’ in Young Sheldon & simply as Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, is everyone’s favorite. No, NOT BECAUSE he’s the most intelligent one in the show (according to Sheldon himself) because the way he speaks at times makes us fall in love with the epic comebacks he has for his friends & everyone else.

We have curated a list of his all-time best lines which literally made us click rewind, & hear it again! I know it’s hard to choose the best, but here we are!

TBBT Sheldon smiling

1. When Sheldon was asked to just ‘Smile’!
Remember when Leonard, Howard & Sheldon were outside Sheldon’s supposedly new office, which earlier belonged to Rothman. But now Barry Kripke has already occupied it. The trio thinks of talking about it with Barry Kripke, which Sheldon is obviously in no mood to. Leonard then asks him to Smile, to which Sheldon…

TBBT sheldon sassy reply

2. When Penny wanted to just ask a question!
Sheldon has self-proclaimed as the most intelligent & superior to all his friends. Time & again he has found ways to let down others & show how knowledgeable he is. Don’t believe us? Well, when Penny wanted just to put up a question, Sheldon sassily replied, “Given your community college education, I encourage you to ask me as many as possible”.

TBBT sheldon brian greene

3. When Brian Greene is publicly insulted.
Sheldon is never the one who thinks twice before pulling other people’s leg. Brian Greene was at his book launch which was attended by Sheldon & Amy. To just humiliate, he asked Brian, “You’ve dedicated your life’s work to educating the general populous about complex scientific ideas..” to which Brian said “Yes, in part” Now, Sheldon showed his real colors by saying, “ Have you ever considered to do something useful? Perhaps reading to the elderly? But not your books. Something which they might enjoy” Here, Greene was actually speechless at Cooper’s audacity.

TBBT gravity is a bitvh

4. Sheldon & Gravity
Leonard & Sheldon take upstairs a heavy package which was for Penny. At the corner of the stairs, the ‘clever’ physicists think which formula will work for corners, during which they leave the package & as a result, it slides down the stairs. To this, Sheldon is pissed, & blames gravity by saying “Gravity thou art a heartless bitch”. Well, that gravity really is.

TBBT sheldon late

5. How Sheldon explains why is he late.
Given that Sheldon usually doesn’t like simply hanging out with his ‘friends’. Leonard once usually asked him why he was late. To which Sheldon replied, “Nothing. I just really didn’t wanna come.” Yeah, that’s Shelly for us.

TBBT sheldon not interested

6. Sheldon is never the right person to share your problems.
Once Leonard casually tried discussing with Sheldon about Penny that he was going out with her. He said, “I don’t think so I can go out with her tonight.” To this Sheldon reverted uninterestingly, “Then don’t”. Leonard was a bit taken aback & said, “I thought people would ask, Why not?” Well, here Sheldon back with his sassiness & said, “They might be interested”. Leonard didn’t budge even, “I’m gonna talk anyway”.

TBBT sheldon smart

7. Sheldon thinks he’s way better than just ‘smart’.
Penny tried to uplift Sheldon by saying. “Sheldon, you’re smart.” To this, he was surprised & rectified her instead by saying, “Smart? I have to lose 60 IQ points to be classified as smart!” Well, He is intelligent but I’m sure he wouldn’t be happy when he’ll hear that he was called intelligent. HE WANTS A BETTER WORD!

I know there are many instances when Sheldon was loving, annoying, unexpected & many things. Sadly, we can’t include them all. But do mention them in a comment’s section below. And Yes! The Big Bang Theory, we are already missing you!

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