Scenes From Game Of Thrones S8 E02 That Might Lead To Major Storylines

Scenes From Game Of Thrones S8 E02 That Might Lead To Major Storylines

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a fandom which one can either love or hate but can’t ignore. As we move to its finale – one Sunday/Monday at a time – episode 2 of its 8th season is more of a setup episode, like the calm before the storm.
Here is what we have drawn from this episode:

Daenerys-Sansa’s Confrontation:
Daenerys and Sansa Stark clear the beef between them. They also talk about Jon Snow and his love for Daenerys (they still don’t know about Dany’s relation to him). Things get eerie when Sansa enquires about what happens to the North after they defeat the Night King and his army. Unfortunately, before we get an answer, they are interrupted.

This will be one interesting storyline if they manage to defeat Night King.

Jon Snow Reveals His Lineage To Daenerys:
Jon Snow reveals about his lineage to Daenerys and that throws her back as she senses her lifelong dream of ascending the Iron Throne being snatched away.

The funniest and sweetest sequence of this episode. The Jamie, Brienne & Tommund love triangle where Tommund flirts with Brienne of Tarth – now anointed Ser Brienne.

Daenerys Tyrion Quarrel:
Daenerys feels betrayed by Tyrion as his (evil) sister, Cersie, falls back on the promises she made. Showing her anger she exclaims that he will be stripped of the title of Hand Of The Queen if he is not up to the task. The mother of dragons also asks the drunkard dwarf to stay away from the plan strategies for the war.

This might spill some bad blood between them. Or will Tyrion hatch some plan which will help them defeat the common enemy?

Arya & Gendry:
Arya and Gendry took their friendship to a new level when Gendry delivers Arya a weapon which might help her kill the Night King. But what happens after the weapon delivery is even more interesting.

We would like some royalty from HBO if they follow any of our plot lines.

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