Romantic Movies To Binge Watch With Your Valentine

Romantic Movies To Binge Watch With Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Yay! So many couples must have made different plans for the most awaited V’Day. Some made plans for visiting quite a few good places. Nerdy couples will spend some their sweet time at a bookstore, music lovers will attend a concert or karaoke night, etc. Now let’s be honest! Not everyone loves visiting new places for lunch & dinner dates, or even going out of their home for that matter. Some prefer getting all cozy on the couch at their home sweet home, & watching their favorite movies together. Comfortable to think even, right? Feels! Now even you’re thinking of planning to give this ‘comfortable’ idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day a try. Have you got any romantic movies on your list? No? Then fret not! I got you covered. Given is the list of sickeningly romantic movies, that’ll set up the mood rightaway! PS: Keep Popcorn & Tissues Handy!

1. Notting Hill
A beautiful romantic story brewing between a Hollywood actress & a bookstore owner. Quite boring? No, it isn’t. Things change drastically due to the stark difference between their lifestyles. If you want to experience 90’s English cinema, then this is the movie you watch with your significant other.

notting hill

2. A Star Is Born
This movie got truckloads of awards & is well received all around the world. Its song, ‘Shallow’ is just perfect for a slow couple dance with candles lit around. A famous singer who falls prey to alcohol abuse, & on verge of spoiling himself completely, meets a small-time dancer, who isn’t confident of her voice & her songs. This movie has everything that it takes to give their audience goosebumps. At least, for Bradley & Gaga, one must go for it.

a star is born

3. Blue Valentine
Let me warn you, this isn’t your regular romantic movie. If you want happy endings always, then better skip this. This movie depicts that loves stories are not always rosy & nice. Sometimes, compatibility is questioned, hearts are broken, & the past comes back. Ryan Gosling, as usual, succeeds at crushing over him.

blue valentine

4. Me Before You
Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Stormborn from Game Of Thrones) is assigned to take care of a physically disabled guy, Sam Claflin who at first isn’t much interested in life. Emilia & Sam bond well with each other & eventually fall in love. But wait, Fate had something else planned for them. Watch it & find out.

me before you

5. Goodbye First Love
Accept the fact, first love can never be forgotten. It is a different feeling altogether. This movie shows the tragedy of first love. Though it was a puppy-love. But for them, it wasn’t. Time & Distance marred their innocence. This movie is going to leave you teary-eyed for sure. PS: You’ll need subtitles for this because it’s a Franco-German movie.

goodbye first love

6. Bright Star
This is a British-French-Australian fictional but biographical take on the poet, John Keats & his romantic relationship with Fanny. Their relationship had it all, but maybe not a ‘happily ever after’. Lovers of English literature will find this movie a masterpiece & cannot afford to miss. It is partly fictional, but it doesn’t at all spoils the authenticity of it.

bright star

7. La La Land
A romantic musical, Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone portrays the role of a jazz pianist & an aspiring actress respectively. Both want to follow their dreams, & keep their relationship afloat simultaneously. Only after watching the movie you’ll figure out whether they’re successful at it or no. This movie won many accolades & has amazing music to support the plot of it. You can’t miss it!

la la land

8. Love, Rosie
Together since childhood, Alex & Rosie are inseparable. Partners in crime, they have to part their ways for sake of their career. During Rosie’s 18th birthday, Rosie realizes that she has feelings for him. There are many twists & turns in their friendship, they may or may not end up romantically together. If you have feelings for your best friend, then please make a point to watch this film together.

love rosie

So, these were the movies that I found very apt for Valentines’ Day. If you have better & much interesting movies to watch, then mention them in comments’ section below. Until then, Happy Valentines’ Day!

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