Owen Wilson Got Cars 3 Role Because Of Jackie Chan?

Owen Wilson Got Cars 3 Role Because Of Jackie Chan?


Actor Owen Wilson who will be seen next as the maverick Lightening McQueen in the much awaited animation franchise Cars 3 releasing on 16th June, gave a teasing update to his fans by hinting at the franchise comedy sequel Shanghai Dawn.

The surprise blockbuster hits Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights from 2000 and 2003 saw Owen Wilson rise as a comic star!

Recently, while promoting Cars 3 at the premieres, Wilson reportedly spoke about how his appearances in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights landed him the role of Lightning McQueen – saying:

“Yeah, there is some talk. Uh, I saw Jackie not too long ago and we were talking about it, but it’s funny that you mention that because Shanghai Noon was the movie, I think, that helped me sorta become involved with Cars because when I met John Lasseter, he and his kids had enjoyed that movie, and he said that he had this animated movie that he thought maybe I’d be good for so that’s, you know, how I ended up getting cast as Lightning McQueen.”

Whoa! How cool is that! Aren’t you excited to watch Cars 3? Share your views in the comments below.

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