Marvel Studios Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary In This Special Way!

Marvel Studios Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary In This Special Way!


It’s the 10-year anniversary for Marvel Studios’ Cinematic Universe and Marvel fans are in for a special treat!
In order to celebrate the joy with their fans, Marvel Studios have released some amazing new posters and a handy timeline breaking down the whole franchise.
Amazing right?

The theme of these posters highlights the fact that all the Marvel superheroes are not just heroes they’re more than that, right from Iron Man to Ant-Man, each and every Marvel hero has a poster in there. From Marvel’s big team-up The Avengers to the most recent films in the franchise Avengers: Infinity War.

Also series of stylish character posters, like Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Okoye, Captain America, Groot, Thor, Spider-Man, and many more are all here.

The only poster missing is the one of Captain Marvel, I guess Marvel Studios might be keeping it as a surprise.

Check out the amazing posters here:

Bruce-Banner-Hulk Brunnhilde-Valkyrie Clint-Barton-Hawkeye Drax-Destroyer Dr-Stephen-Strange-Doctor-Strange Gamora Groot Heimdall Hope-Pym-Wasp James-Buchanan-Bucky-Barnes-Winter-Soldier James-Rhodey-Rhodes-War-Machine Korg Loki-Odinson-Laufeyson Mantis Nakia Natasha-Romanoff-Black-Widow Nebula Nick-Fury Okoye Peter-Parker-Spider-Man Peter-Quill-Star-Lord Rocket-Raccoon Sam-Wilson-Falcon Scott-Lang-Ant-Man Shuri Steve-Rogers-Captain-America TChalla-Black-Panther Thor-Odinson Tony-Stark-Iron-Man Vision Wanda-Maximoff-Scarlet-Witch Wong


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