Liam Payne Reveals Why Zayn Malik Quit The Band

Liam Payne Reveals Why Zayn Malik Quit The Band

The band member of One Direction Liam Payne revealed that Zayn Malik left the band after five years was because the kind of music that band did was not his style.

Payne said in an interview with the British TV show, Good Morning Britain that, “One Direction was never really Zayn’s kind of bag, if you know what I mean. His taste in music was a bit different, and I guess that’s kind of what drove him to do what he did in the end, which is not necessarily a bad thing.”

Payne feels that it was really bad when Malik left the group, but according to him everything happens for the best and things have worked out very well for the band till now.

He added, “Everyone’s come out fine from it, thanks to our beautiful fans. And he’s off doing what he loves as well, so both parties are winners in the end of a disaster of a situation. It’s all good.”


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