KLB Exclusive: “Drake’s New Album Is My Current Favourite!”, HRVY

KLB Exclusive: “Drake’s New Album Is My Current Favourite!”, HRVY


The team of Kinky Little Boots got an opportunity to have a candid conversation with Harvey Leigh Cantwell – popularly known as HRVY.

During this candid chat with us, we asked HRVY about his latest song Hasta Leugo and the challenges associated with it, his inspirations, future plans and lots more.

Read on to know more:

1. What was the thought behind Hasta Leugo?

I just wanted to create a song that reminded people of summer and that made them dance and I thought having a Latin flavour in it helped make that happen.

2. How was it collaborating with Latin pop princess Malu?

Amazing! She was so nice and really made the song come to life, she worked super hard when we learnt the dance for the video and she was just a great person to work with.

3. How does it feel knowing that your songs have a connect with the youth?

I mean it feels great that people even listen to the music I make. I see a lot of people online telling me that my music has helped them through darker times, which is a very humbling feeling and I’m glad I can help them.

4. Your current favorite song?

My favourite song right now it the whole of drakes new album!!

5. Which song makes you groove?

Hasta luego ;)

6. One international and music singer/artist you want to collaborate?

So many people I’d love to work with, I mean Ariana Grande would be one because she’s an incredible artist and vocalist.

7. How was your trip to India in Feb 2018?

AMAZING, the Indian culture is so beautiful and the people are so nice, the fans were crazy in a good day ahaha and the trip was just incredible, I can’t wait to be back.

8. What’s next?

Recording in the studio for the next few weeks! Tour in the UK and Europe and America! And then hopefully back to India very soon.


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