Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez a Helping Hand

Justin Bieber Gives Selena Gomez a Helping Hand

When Selena Gomez was struggling with lupus, Justin Bieber was there for her as a kind ex-boyfriend.

A source has revealed that “The 23-year-old singer-actress was afraid before beginning treatment, particularly because she might lose her hair, but she had Justin to support her through the whole ordeal.”

“He (Bieber) would always tell her (Gomez) she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, and that it wouldn’t matter if she gained weight, lost her hair, or anything,” the source quoted.

“He would make up little songs for her…and if they were both in L.A., he’d come over and order in her favorite foods from all the most expensive restaurants in Beverly Hills,” the source added.

Gomez had opened up to Billboard magazine earlier this month that she had undergone chemotherapy to treat the illness when she was rumoured having addiction to drugs.

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