Russell Brand Labelled As A Selfish Bully By Friends

russell brand

A former friend of Russell Brand has labelled the actor as a selfish and narcissistic bully. She has termed his behaviour child-like and has blasted his behaviour. The person in question is Ondi Timoner, an award-winning filmmaker who is making a tell-all documentary Brand: A Second Coming.

The director spoke out when Brand, 40, started turning control freak and wanted her to edit out footage of him being arrested while on drugs and naked at a protest. Ondi clearly refused these demands, “He demanded that they don’t come. It’s just crazy. He’s not happy with the final edit and he’s small. A child. It’s like a schoolyard bully. God forbid the royal Russell Brand sours to you. He can’t see past himself. He is a narcissist. And he’s ruthless.”

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