International Dance Day Special: 7 Contemporary Dance Movies That’ll Make You Go Footloose

International Dance Day Special: 7 Contemporary Dance Movies That’ll Make You Go Footloose


It is an unquestionable fact that dance movies are the best kind of movies because real life would be so much better if everyone broke out into spontaneous but highly choreographed dance routines at any given moment. So, on this International Dance Day, we bring you the definitive list of contemporary dance movies, in no particular order (and not the Broadway musical adaptations) for y’all to binge watch!

1. Step Up series: Well, we can safely say that this might be the most popular dance movie franchise of all time! Channing and Jenna started a revolution after the first Step Up and then, the rest is history. Special mention: Moose, you’ll always be our favorite character!


2. Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL: Another Channing Tatum movie for all girls to ogle on his washboard abs. He, in the role of the stripper, is every girl’s wet dream! 😉

Magic mike

3. Black Swan: Oscar was well-deserved for Natalie Portman in this film. If you haven’t watched this soul-stirring film yet, we just you to do it today!

Black swan

4. Shall We Dance?: Trust us, JLo has never looked hotter. The Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez pairing had won hearts of many!

Shall we dance

5. Honey: Jessica Alba a.k.a. Honey Daniels trying to make it as a choreographer in the big bad world of the film industry is what Honey is all about. A perfect movie to watch with your girlies, isn’t it?


6. High School Musical trilogy: Time to reminisce your childhood and get groovy with High School Musical trilogy. No better way to spend your evening while doing HSM marathon and drooling over Zac Efron.


7. ABCD franchise: Our very own desi-version of Step Up only, better. With this movie franchise, Remo has proved that Any Body Can Dance!


Which one’s your pick?


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