I Am Heath Ledger Trailer Shows What Is It To Be A Star

I Am Heath Ledger Trailer Shows What Is It To Be A Star


Heath Ledger! This name needs no introduction. After his sudden death, the great actor made news all over the world. He was not just a spectacular talent that we lost, but also an amazing human who embarked his journey of life with remarkable stories.

The makers of I Am Heath Ledger released the trailer of the short documentary, which will leave you in tears till the last frame. The trailer talks about the late actor’s life, which also consists of a few video clips from his personal life, highlighting his real personality behind the camera, caught up on a reel. We also got a glimpse of a few interviews given by his near and dear ones, leaving everyone awestruck with this great personality. If you think it’s just a life story to pass by, then you are wrong. It’s more than that! In fact, a lot of you could connect to his life saga, making it more about your story than his.

Watch the trailer here:

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