Here Are Series Which Showed Women in Different Lights & They Glowed!

Here Are Series Which Showed Women in Different Lights & They Glowed!

There are Women who are shy, some are brave, others are precarious. Women are multifaceted, & broadcast platform has been successful in showing women in every light possible. From being a torch bearer to being a badass, we have a series made after every feature that a woman has. Excited to know what are they? Then read on!

1. 2 Broke Girls
Usually, any show has one male & one female lead. But this show was exceptional. It has two female leads, which was a brave step on the director’s part at that point of time. Max & Caroline, worked as servers at a diner in Brooklyn, New York who struggled to make their end meet. Though it is a serious issue, the sit-com perfectly managed to throw a humourous light on it.

2 broke girls

2. Gossip Girl
Women can be nicest when you are the same with them, but tables turn when they are ill-treated. Also, girls are normally prone to bitching & gossiping. So this show revolved around the elite kids of the upper east side of New York, their friendships & rivalry & how a discreet blogger knew everything that happened in the lives of these socialite kids. XOXO!

gossip girl

3. Adventures Of Sabrina
Sabrina, a half-mortal & half-witch girl, struggles to choose which world to belong to, while evil forces threaten her & her family. The show has witchcraft, occult as a part of its script, which also makes it one of the reasons it is a different light in which Sabrina’s character got portrayed.


4. Orange Is The New Black
The show is based on real-life experiences of Piper Kerman (played by Taylor Schilling). She does say that the series is not a docudrama, but her experiences are included in it. It also shows, how women are prone to falling prey to vices, foul play & how they rise out of it.


5. Pretty Little Liars
Girls can be each other’s best friends. But what happens when they break it off? Everyone has everyone’s secrets. This show is about four teen-girls whose secrets can come out in daylight unannounced.

pretty lil liars

These shows tell us that, never underestimate girls. If they can make you, they can break you too. So, Happy International Women’s Day! Cheer with me, Who run the world? Girls!

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