Harry Styles Believes In Doing Charity Work

Harry Styles Believes In Doing Charity Work

One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly been donating his designer clothes to charity shops.

A source claims that the 21-year-old has so much free clothing that he feels it’s best to donate a good amount of it to charity stores. This means that all you One Direction fans out there can buy his garments.

“Harry was casually talking about all the free stuff he gets sent and how he can’t keep up with all of it. He said he gives a lot of it away to friends and family but also drives up to charity shops and drops bin bags of designer clothes at a time.”

Harry is well-aware of the fact that he is in a good position to help those who are actually in need of basic necessities. An insider revealed that, “Harry knows that he’s in an incredibly privileged position and would prefer to give it to people who need it rather than have it piled away in unused boxes.”

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