David De Gea Loses Chance To Move To Real Madrid

David De Gea Loses Chance To Move To Real Madrid

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea was well on his way to move in with the Spanish giants Real Madrid on transfer deadline day. But, things didn’t work his way due to an administrative error that caused the deal to collapse at the last minute.

The talented 24-year-old goalkeeper has not played a single match in the Premiere League as he was dropped by United manager Louis Van Gaal who claims that De Gea told him that he wasn’t in the right frame of mind on account of the transfer issues that were taking place.

When the transfer was called off, everyone thought there might be a fallout between Van Gaal and De Gea which could be beyond repair.

A source revealed, “I think it is important at this stage to look at the facts and the facts are that Mendes was there and so were members of De Gea’s family. From Manchester United’s perspective, they want to safeguard the future of David de Gea and get assurances about his season with the club. They will have pointed out that there was a deal on the table for him that was rejected earlier this year and is still on the table. I don’t think it is a new deal. They have not offered him a new deal. They have merely reminded there is a deal on the table to be signed. It would see his wages escalate, it would last for five years and I think it would give Manchester United the comfort of knowing they would have a fee, bearing in mind many thought De Gea would be a Real Madrid player at this stage.”

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