Dakota Johnson’s Tattoos Will Inspire You To Get Inked RN!

Dakota Johnson’s Tattoos Will Inspire You To Get Inked RN!


Dakota Johnson needs no introduction. She not only entered our hearts when she played Anastasia in the adaptation of the famous erotic-romantic novel, Fifty Shades Of Grey but, she also gave us every damn reason to envy her oh-so-perfect life on-screen and off-screen. If her reel life boyfriend, Christan Grey wasn’t hot enough to leave us drooling over her amazing love life, her current single status doesn’t shock us more, as she’s been spotted at a lot of public events with Jamie Dornan. Why don’t they couple up already!?

With her hair on-point, shoes on fleek, and dress so perfect, Dakota has left no stone unturned to leave us all awestruck with her beauty. As she turns a year older today, here are one of the most important aspect of her life, tattoos. If her beauty wasn’t enough to make our heart skip beats, her inked body tells a lot of tales. She has poured her heart out through the tattoos on her body, and we can’t get our eyes off them! They say, tattoos are one’s reflection, and if this is true, we are no doubt in love with Dakota, and her engraved feelings. Here are her tattoos and their meanings.






Aren’t they gorgeous? Happy birthday, Dakota. Inspire us and keep us startled in the coming years.

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