Coldplay In Mumbai To Shoot A Special Video

Coldplay In Mumbai To Shoot A Special Video

The famous alternative rock band, Coldplay, is back in India, and this time they are here in aamchi Mumbai. The band was spotted in Worli, and rumors are they will shoot a music video. The video involves the Coldplay band members playing Holi with the kids of Worli gaon.

This video that the band is shooting for is being done in different locations all around Mumbai. It will be a special treat for their Indian fans. People are so excited about their visit, that they actually feel that the band will do a Live concert right here in the city of Mumbai.

A source revealed, “While the music video could be for their new album, A Head Full of Dreams, or, as informed by a source, the band could be shooting the video as part of their Global Poverty Project, which was the reason for Chris Martin’s visit to Delhi in July this year.”

Martin visited India in July due to his involvement with The Global Poverty Project. During his stay he happened to woo the crowd at a Delhi Café with his spectacular impromptu performance.

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