Channing Tatum Movies That We Can Rewatch 1000 Times

Channing Tatum Movies That We Can Rewatch 1000 Times


Channing Tatum or some people would like to call him Channing Tat-yum. Channing danced his way into our heart with the Step Up series and since then his stock in our heart has always gone “up”.

Here are some of his movies which we can watch over and over:

1. 21 Jump Street/22 Jump Street


Channing Tatum’s most hilarious movie or maybe Hollywood’s most hilarious movie too. He played a dim-witted-abs-bearing-stud-who-saves-the-day (played by many previously) but this one stays with you forever.

His “F— you, science!” is the highlight of this hilarious series.


2. Foxcatcher


He received some of the best reviews of his career (and came close to an Oscar nomination) for playing ill-fated real-life wrestler Mark Schultz in Bennett Miller’s haunting 2015 drama Foxcatcher.
3. Step Up/Step Up 2: The Streets


Tatum had a few roles before he played Tyler in Step Up but it was the 2006 dance romance that really put him on the map. He turned many heads with his dance and acting ability.
4. Magic Mike/Magic Mike XXL


With the story behind Magic Mike being inspired in part by Tatum’s own experiences in the stripping world, one could argue this is the role he was born to play — or at least the role his life most prepped him for.
5. The Vow

the vow

In ‘The Vow’ he fully captures his potential as a romantic lead. Tatum’s Leo could have easily come off as creepy — he spends much of the film chasing after McAdams’ Paige who, after a car accident, has forgotten him and their marriage together — but instead, he wrings out genuine emotion out of the cheesiest lines.

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