Azealia Banks Takes Her Issues To Twitter

Azealia Banks Takes Her Issues To Twitter

Rapper Azealia Banks did not regret her violent actions when she went ballistic on a flight from New York to Los Angeles earlier this week.

The Chasing Time hitmaker was caught on camera hitting a fellow passenger, a French man, who happened to block her exit as they were removing their luggage from the overhead bin.

One of the male flight attendants tried to calm her down, but he was abused by the 24-year-old hip hop star. Apparently she called the attendant a f***ing f***ot.

In an attempt to defend her antics, the music star took to Twitter to tell her loyal fans. “I am bisexual. my brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. Nothing else to say,” she wrote on the micro-blogging website.

Minutes later, she followed it up with another tweet which read: “Cause yall KNOW, that they would’ve politely handed a white woman her bags and a spritzer. #whatever.”

This was not the end, she again began to rant in another tweet, “If America is so concerned with derogatory language, why do I not see even a quarter of this outrage when I use the word ‘N***R’????”

She complained about the double standard people use to judge others’ choice of words, saying: “America picks and chooses when it likes to be offended. And THAT is a major part of American culture that HAS to change.”

Showing no remorse, she added, “I only OWE an apology to my fans. My true true ride or die fans. The rest of y’all can pick up a rock and suck on it.”

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