Wesley Snipes Says One Day He’ll Act With Shah Rukh Khan

American actor, producer and martial artist Wesley Snipes is returning to the small screen with 2 shows after a gap of 10 years. While speaking to the media on the sets of The Player, he said “I love the world of song and-dance and have travelled to India in my dreams. In that dream I was doing a Bollywood film too.” According to him, his tryst with India started when while studying at the New York State University he learnt Bollywood dance moves from instructors.

Being a martial artist himself, he wants to learn the ancient martial art form of Kalaripayattu. Along with that, he wants to learn about Ayurvedic healing, take a Bollywood dance class and work with a Khan. On being quizzed which Khan he’d like to work with he replied, “There’s only one Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. We also met on Broadway and one day I will act and work with him.” Apparently, the two had met before in Dubai when SRK had hosted a party in a luxury hotel.

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