Parineeti Chopra Spends 1 Million On Just 2 T-Shirts

Bollywood is known for its extravagant lifestyle, high fashion and top notch parties. People in this industry generally do plenty of things which they think are deserving of their status. For the common man it might seem a little weird at times. One such event which is making eyes pop in surprise is Parineeti Chopra’s Instagram picture claiming she spent over a million for buying just 2 t-shirts. Yes, you heard that right!

The amount could feed a sizeable number of people for a few days. The actress spent some time shopping in Jakarta while she was there for a show. Her caption for the pic was, “I paid one million for two tshirts.” Now, people may think that this is another absurd attempt by a celebrity to hog the limelight, but that’s where the difference lies. All this money is Indonesian currency. So the money if converted by current exchange rates would come up to Rs. 5000, not bad, is it?


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