When Adi Chopra Switched The Protagonist’s Gender For Rani

When Adi Chopra Switched The Protagonist’s Gender For Rani


Rani Mukerji won several hearts with her terrific performance in Black where she played specially-abled girl in the movie. The actress, who was last seen in Mardaani, will be seen playing a disabled character in her comeback.

A source revealed, “Initially, Emraan Hashmi was to produce the film and also act in it. However, for some reasons, he let go of the project and turned producer with another film. Sidharth approached Abhishek Bachchan, next, but he kept dilly-delaying. And now, it is being produced by YRF with Rani as the central character.”

The source further added, “The film revolved around a guy who has disability wherein he uncontrollably jumped and shouted while talking. That’s why Emraan and Abhishek had shown interest. When Siddharth took the film to YRF, both Aditya and Rani liked the script. Adi agreed to produce the film but asked Siddharth to change the protagonist-turn the hero into a heroine. That’s how Rani came into the picture! ”

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