Udta Punjab Movie Review

Udta Punjab Movie Review

Owing to the controversies that this film had been in, I was really excited about what awaited me on the screen. While one side of me thought that it would be a typical drug cartel movie, another side was expecting much more. Needless to say, this movie blew my mind pretty much.


Udta Punjab is the story of four different people, as they fight their own war on drugs in Punjab, a state with a big-time narcotics problem. Tommy Singh, a.k.a. Gabru (Shahid Kapoor), is a pop star who is struggling with cocaine addiction. Mary Jane (Alia Bhatt) is a daily-wage labourer, who gets into the drug scene for quick, big money. Preet Sahani (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is a doctor who also owns a drug rehab center. Sartaj Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) is an ASI with Punjab Police, who is battling the drug issue from within the system.

How these people end their war with their paths crossing multiple times forms the crux of the story.


This movie follows a very unconventional alternative narrative style when it comes to Bollywood. The stories of the four characters are shown as parallel occurrences, while their paths cross occasionally. It is mainly the narration style which keeps you completely hooked till the end. While the movie has its share of clichés going on, they do not impact the overall quality of the story. Be prepared for some exciting, mind-boggling plot twists; that’s all I would want to tell you, folks.

Scenes To Watch Out For:

I could list down a lot here. But yes, some scenes actually leave a long-lasting impact.

–          Alia Bhatt’s dream sequence of swimming underwater

–          Gabru’s house party

–          Sartaj and Preet’s bike ride home

–          Gabru and Mary’s late-night conversation sequence


I have to give director Abhishek Chaubey a round of applause. The detailing involved in each scene is amazing, with even trivial elements being taken care of. The songs, while amazing, are not used unnecessarily. You would notice that only parts of songs are used, that too for scenes which require them, thereby not ruining the essence of an amazing movie. The way the characters’ paths are shown to have crossed is commendable, and one can easily get a fair picture of the impact of drugs on Punjab. Yet some sequences may actually make you lose your grip a little, due to their length or even content in general. Anyway, they do not really cause any negative impact to the movie. To conclude, when it comes to the direction department, I’ve got two words: nailed it.


I initially thought that Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan would steal all the thunder with their acting skills, but when I saw Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh killing it on screen, I stood corrected. Shahid does complete justice to Gabru’s character, taking it to another level altogether. Kareena and Diljit play their roles amazingly well, and do not fail to captivate you. On the other hand, we get to see an entirely new side of Alia Bhatt; she has nailed her role well.


I only have two words for you people: Amit Trivedi. Again, as usual, Amit does not fail to make us groove to his amazing compositions. Although I liked most of the songs in the film, two songs which you should definitely watch out for are Ud-daa Punjab and Ikk Kudi. Prepare to have your mind blown with some brilliant music.

Udta Punjab Movie Review – Final Verdict:

Definitely a must watch. Prepare for an amazing ‘trip’ with Udta Punjab! For an even better experience, watching it in theaters is absolutely recommended. Trust me, it is worth every penny spent! 🙂


Summary: Udta Punjab is definitely a must watch. Prepare for an amazing ‘trip’ with this flick! For an even better experience, watching it in theaters is absolutely recommended.
- Udta Punjab Movie Review

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