TV Stars Reveal Their New Year Resolutions And They Are Amazing

TV Stars Reveal Their New Year Resolutions And They Are Amazing


2017 is finally here and we all are looking forward to having a great year ahead. With the very first day of the year, we have some interesting updates about your favorite TV stars.

So here are some amazing New Year resolutions which your favorite TV stars revealed:

Mohammad Nazim

I want to be more organised in terms of time management. This way, I will get time for personal and professional life.

Nikitin Dheer

In a world that is ever changing, my New Year resolution is the same as last year since I feel it would be nice if many things don’t change.

Vivian Dsena

I believe that one should never need a New Year resolution. It should start at any time of the year.

Shashank Vyas

I’ll try to be more punctual. I do try to reach on time when I commit to friends but I end up being late. I want to correct that in 2017. I am not a party party types but I would celebrate in Mumbai only with my close childhood friends and eat everything without worrying about calories.

Rashami Desai

I want to give up on being over sensitive. I get affected on the drop of a hat. I want to be totally focused on my career with my new show Dil Se Dil Tak coming.

Ssharad Malhotra

Procrastinating… that’s definitely one thing I would like to avoid or give up in the coming year. My to do list is unending and I end up postponing things.

Laksh Lalwani

I want to give up on delaying returning phone calls. I end up missing many important calls and don’t call back. It’s important to return personal and professional calls timely.

Muskan Mihani

Trusting people on face value is what I want to give up. I get hurt fast and don’t like to be in situations which can’t be managed.

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