Tigers Movie Review: Tigers Roar Mightily

Tigers Movie Review: Tigers Roar Mightily

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A pharmaceutical salesman in Pakistan lands a new job working for an international corporation. He is very happy and satisfied with his job until one day he discovers that his new company’s baby formula is the reason for the death of hundreds of children, he begins a fight against the mighty the company.

Danis Tanovic is the co-writer and director of Tigers. Dan Tanovic’s Bosnian film No Man’s Land won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2001 beating India’s entry, ‘Lagaan’. Danis takes this story of whistleblower and does justice to it. Every scene and sequence narrates a story that will pierce in your heart like the tooth of the tiger in the flesh of his prey. Danis makes a movie on a very important but devastating topic which caused the death of the many babies in hope that this movie will open eyes of the world towards such cruel intentions of MNC’s to mint money on the graves of developing nation’s children in the name of better and nutritious food.

Director of Photography Erol Zubcevic, Production Designers Rachna Rastogi and K. K.Murlidharan take us to our neighbours, Pakistan. You will be reminded of these lyrics from Veer Zaara -“Jaane Kyun Yeh Lagtaa Hai Mujhko Jaanaa Pahchaanaa. Yahaan Bhi Vahi Shaam Hai Vahi Saveraa” as the lanes, villages of Pakistan are similar to those in our country and we thank the design team for bringing it to our notice.

Emraan Hashmi plays a man who once committed the mistake and now wants to rectify it in a David V/S Goliath set-up. This character played by Emraan Hashmi has the same character arc like in some of his films and we love to see him in such characters as he plays them best. Shah Rukh Khan has his slow-mo arms opening, Salman Khan has bare-chested scenes, Akshay Kumar lately has his social messages films and Emraan has his against-the-system-of-which-once-he-was-part-of films.

Geetanjali Thapa who plays his wife makes your face glow-up whenever he comes on screen. Adil Hussain plays his character of the stern Boss very well. Rest of the cast has done an excellent job too.

We recommend you to keep aside 90 minutes for Tigers sighting.

We give Tigers 3.5 stripped stars with some Royal kink.

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