Tera Intezaar Review: A Must NOT Watch

Tera Intezaar Review: A Must NOT Watch


SO yes, this movie out of all the other movies, I went to watch this one! (Still digesting it)

So here goes nothing! Well, that’s what the movie has, literally!

The story begins with Raunak (Sunny Leone) lying on the floor unconscious in a bungalow full of paintings, she gets up and leaves the house in a hurry to find someone.
She exits from a gate and from the other gate enter four shady-looking villains, who magically get trapped into a set of paintings.

They re-emerge in some mystical other-world where mangoes fly in the air and paintings paint themselves (but hey, weren’t they already inside a painting? What is with this obsession of Bollywood with Inception?)

All these paintings were made by Veer Singh Rajput (Arbaaz Khan) a closet painter, who takes only 4 hours to paint a full-fledged painting. And guess what one fine day, he gets stuck for four days while he was painting his dream girl’s eyes from his imagination because well that’s possible, and no prizes for guessing who’s portrait it turns out to be.

And because it’s Bollywood Raunak is suddenly the owner of an art gallery and within thirty seconds, that he meets her they begin to sing a duet on a beach and fall in love.

There are some white collar thieves who want to steal Veer’s paintings even though he is a rookie. Don’t even ask about the paintings, because they may remind you of the first drawing you did in your childhood.

There onwards, Tera Intezaar changes into a bizarre ghost story. People get kidnapped, eloped, murdered. Oh my god, it’s much worse than words can ever explain. Then there are twists, more twists and some more twists till you lose the track, or get twisted in the head.

Sunny in real life (because there is an imaginary painting world) is trying to find Arbaaz who’s suddenly gone missing. With the help of her sister and Gujarati brother-in-law, she meets a ghost-buster played by Sudha Chandran (Ramola Sikand!).

She accepts, “Jis tarah se saari cheezein mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi hain waise hi tum bhi mujhe clear nazar nahi aa rahi ho (The feeling is mutual there).”

What I fail to understand is that Sunny Leone exclaims with uncontrollable enthusiasm after seeing her portrait on Arbaaz’s tablet, “Tumne mujhe bina dekhe itni achchi tasveer kaise bana li (How did you draw such a beautiful picture without seeing me?). Shouldn’t you be worried about such a creepy situation?

And, to add spice to this already over-cooked dish is that the whole movie is practically shot in slow motion.
Be it anything in the movie it is slow. The music is bad, acting is worse, story doesn’t exist, poor supporting cast… and the list goes on.

It could definitely beat the likes of Tees Maar Khan, Joker & Humshakals with ease. The Worst Film Of 2017.

We definitely don’t recommend this movie, unless you would want an empty theatre, a couple of corner seats & some alone time with your partner.

We give Tera Intezaar absolutely no stars with no kinks.

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