Sunny Leone’s Anti-Smoking Ad Is Quirky And Effective!

Sunny Leone’s Anti-Smoking Ad Is Quirky And Effective!

This quirky new anti-smoking ad featuring Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobrial will make you want to quit! It shows how every cigarette reduces 11 minutes of your life, and how it can cost you your last wish!

This ad conveys the message loud and clear in a witty and crisp manner. A right balance of Sunny Leone’s sensuality, Deepak Dobrial’s rustic charm and Alok Nath’s poise has been used to make this smoking hot ad film!

Deepak Dobrial is a man who is dying and the doctors have given up hope. Alok Nath, his father, is worried and would do anything to fulfill his son’s last wish. Deepak shows a picture of a lady and says he wants to marry her, who happens to be Sunny Leone. The father agrees and brings Sunny into the house as a bahu. And just when he is about to romance her…you’ve got to watch the end yourself! It’s funny, quirky, and sarcastic.

Alok Nath certainly is in his comic element and Deepak Dobrial is amazing as always. It is commendable how Sunny Leone never fails to impress us by exploring varied subjects!

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