“Storyline” – The Marketing Strategy Of Dilwale?

“Storyline” – The Marketing Strategy Of Dilwale?

One cannot ignore the fact that the buzz about Bajirao Mastani is more than Dilwale. The trailer and the songs of the former are impressive and the latter has nothing apart from Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s pairing.

However, recently SRK stated that the storyline of Dilwale is interesting and the trailer doesn’t really give out the story of the film. At the launch of the song Manma Emotion, Varun Dhawan reiterated the same, “Have you seen Inception? Understood it? Liked it? Then you will like Dilwale. There is lot to our film. There is a plot, story and is logical and is a full on 2015 film which has lot of twists and turns.”

Well, it looks like after looking at the buzz created by Bajirao Mastani, the makers of Dilwale have planned to promote the movie on the basis of storyline and not as a Rohit Shetty film or an SRK-Kajol movie.


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