SRK Gets An Apology In An Open Letter From A Proud Fan

SRK Gets An Apology In An Open Letter From A Proud Fan

There’s a lot that has been said lately about Shah Rukh Khan, Dilwale and the intolerance controversy. Many in India have bashed the superstar for his comments, banning his films and protesting against him. Well, while the actor was in the eye of the storm, there were also people who came ahead to support him wholeheartedly.

A letter apologizing to SRK by an avid fan has been published on a popular website and it speaks about what every other SRK fan thinks. He talks about the actor’s immense contribution to cinema and how his statement was actually misconstrued. We as a democratic nation should not play the blame-game without understanding the context of the situation. The letter also says that everyone has the right to speak their mind, and instead of concentrating on what others say one should talk about other grave issues in society. A film is different from SRK as a person, irrespective of what he says the audience deserves the creative liberty to make their own choice.

An excerpt from the letter

“Dear SRK,

It is precisely 1:02am on Sunday, 21 December, 2015. I have decided to write a letter and share it with the world, apologising for letting you down. You see, I am a proud Shah Rukh fan and an Indian and I have not stood by you in the last three days. Sure, I watched Dilwale at PVR Imax (never once hesitated to pay 1500 bucks for two tickets, knowing how multiplexes raise prices on weekends!) but I still let you down. I watched as a section of my fellow countrymen protested against Dilwale for no valid reason. Their antics managed to get shows cancelled in four states and as I type this, shows in Mangalore are also getting cancelled. You shouldn’t even have to justify your statement any further… Voicing is just as important as voting.”

It’s true that every person has the right to say what they feel even a public figure like SRK. Protests and bans against one person because he conveyed his opinions go against the very concept of human rights. Shouldn’t everyone be able to voice their opinions without constantly living in fear of being attacked, banned or shunned from society?

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