Soorma Review: Diljit Dosanjh Shines Bright As Flicker-Singh In This Hockey Flick!

Soorma Review: Diljit Dosanjh Shines Bright As Flicker-Singh In This Hockey Flick!

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Finally, Soorma, a great Hockey-based movie which is good enough for all the youths to get inspired and play our national game! Disclaimer: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

Sandeep Singh a.k.a. Sunny (Diljit Dosanjh) is a distracted child who has no interest in playing Hockey like his elder brother Bikram Jeet Singh (Angad Bedi) who is goal-oriented. The reason of disinterest being his ruthless, strict coach who likes to punish the hell outta kids. Bad Guy Alert!

Anyway, Sunny finally finds his inspiration to play the stick-game in Harpreet (Taapsee Pannu) who’s also an aspiring hockey-player who has just one goal – to get into Women’s Indian Hockey Team. But the love in Sandeep’s life doesn’t come that easy, like all love-stories of life and he has to get into Indian team in order to marry his dearest Preet. Now, that’s what I call true-inspiration! Moving on… Sandeep works hard, performs well and gets into Indian Team because of his superb drag-flick which is self-taught because ‘wo kheto me chide udata tha’.

The twist of the story is an accident which changes Sandeep Singh’s life in many ways, but because of the people around him, he gets back onto his feet, literally!

Director Shaad Ali’s storytelling technique was totally on point as he kept his format completely linear and on-point. The screenplay was so swift that the film doesn’t feel boring even for a second! Dialogues were just the added charm to the movie, especially those of Vijay Raaz! He was the complete show-stealer in the film.

Performance-wise, this film stands next to perfection. Diljit Dosanjh maintained the innocence of the character in the first-half and portrays a matured human-being who’s a true-patriot in the second half which only an actor like him, can do! Angad Bedi as his big-brother is what we call a perfect casting. Unexpectedly, he was the best amongst the whole cast and at times he even over-shadowed Diljit! Taapsee Pannu’s every expression was on-fleek and she managed to look pretty in every frame, even without make-up.

I think after raving about all the good parts of the film so much, you might have guessed that we strongly recommend you to watch the film. We give Sooooorma (can’t get the BG score off my head), 4 stars with a big kink!



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