Sonam Kapoor’s New Year Resolutions For 2016

Sonam Kapoor’s New Year Resolutions For 2016

Sonam Kapoor is one of the best fashion divas in Bollywood, and she has earned the title of fashionista with her innate sense of style and consistent efforts to stay trendy. In an interview with a fashion magazine, Sonam revealed her New Year resolutions for the upcoming year.

I will think before I react

Known for her blunt nature, Sonam wants to weigh her words before saying anything in the coming year. “Sarcasm gets lost a lot of times… especially with me. People tend to take me very literally,” said the Khoobsurat girl. She also said that she will “think things through and react with a little more patience.”

I will shop less

“There are so many ways to cheat (on this resolution), so I’ll give up half my credit cards and add a credit card limit. Save more, shop less — that’s the only way,” said fashionista Sonam.

I will make healthy the new sexy

The actress said, “I’m a food-obsessed human being. I get excited ordering pav bhaji, which is so embarrassing for my team. I eat absolute rubbish, (and this year) I need to stop doing that and start taking care of my health.”

“I don’t mind being bigger or having bad skin, but I do mind being unhealthy,” she added.

I want to do more meaningful cinema

Sonam feels that she needs to do more women centric films and powerful roles to stay true to her craft. She said, “I want to be remembered for good work or not remembered at all.” Her upcoming film Neerja is one of the most emotionally challenging roles she has taken up so far.

I won’t stand bullying

Talking about her comment on misogyny and the beef and porn ban that did the rounds of social media, she clarified, “It was a general mindset that I was critiquing.”

“Initially, I tried to respond to each one and after that I was just like, “F**k it. I will say what I want to say,” she added.

We wish Sonam all the very best and hope you can stick to your resolutions!

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