Shorgul Brings To Light Provocative Speeches Made By Dubious Politicians

Shorgul Brings To Light Provocative Speeches Made By Dubious Politicians

Shorgul brings to light the provocative & instigating communal speeches made by dubious, popular Leaders & Politicians in our Nation. Time & Again such ideologies and propaganda of the same, cause unrest, communal disharmony and purposeful division & dents between communities in the name of religion along with intellectual and cultural imperialism.

Shorgul is a political drama that brings out the reality of Religious & Political Manipulations by those in power through the eyes of the common man. The film is a thought provoking cinematic rendition that will be a subtle reminder to cinema goers on how the voice of the masses is what constitutes the voice of the nation and promises to make audiences contemplate on where humanity stands amidst all socio-politico-religious chaos which has gripped democracy.

SHORGUL brings out real life issues with contemporary twists and aims to showcase how pockets of fanatic, extremists lie on each side of the coin, which are detrimental to society and who use religion for their own personal motives and how in the midst of it all these mind games and agendas the voice of the common man is subdued to accommodate bureaucratic motives.

With a story line that every citizen can relate to, it urges viewers, from all strata of society to STOP & THINK.

Shorgul sheds light on political speeches made by leaders in power preaching unrest that furthermore increases the rift between the two communities.

Watch a glimpse of this here:

In the middle of all this political brouhaha is there any semblance of humanity left or have we lost it all?

When will the Voice of the Common Man be heard?

Shorgul is THE need of the hour film.

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