Sanjay Gupta Bashes A Daily Newspaper

Sanjay Gupta Bashes A Daily Newspaper

It looks like Sanjay Gupta is in no mood to take anything wrong about his film ‘Jazbaa’. Few days ago, when the trailer of the film was out, one of the critics wrote bad things about it and the director was upset with the media personnel. And now, he has once again bashed a daily newspaper as they have reported something about his film which is apparently not true.

In his several tweets, Sanjay wrote, “AISHWARYA HAS A GHOST I was shooting with her all day in Kandivali on Wednesday but according to MIDDAY she was doing promotions in Andheri. Dear Anirban from MIDDAY. I can understand your desperation for bullshit tabloid journalism. Please don’t do it at the cost of my film. Dear Anirban from MIDDAY, there is such a thing as cross checking a story especially when you are going to write something negative. Dear Anirban from MIDDAY, Aishwarya was shooting all day and not at any promotional event. My advice, switch to fiction. You are good at it.”

So, people out there, think twice before you mess with Sanjay Gupta.

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