Salman Khan Is No.1 In This List

Salman Khan Is No.1 In This List


The Forbes India list of top 100 highest-earning celebrities is out and we are surprised to see popular Bollywood celebs making in the top 10.

–         Salman Khan makes it to the first position with annual earnings of 270.33 crores.

–         Shah Rukh Khan ranks second, making an annual income of 221.73 crores.

–         Handsome hunk Virat Kohli ranks third with a whopping amount of 134.44 crores.

–         Khiladi Akshay Kumar grabs fourth position with annual earnings of 203.03 crores.

–         Mahendra Singh Dhoni is on fifth position with 122.48 crores of earnings.

–         Bollywood hottie Deepika Padukone makes a grand entry on sixth position with 69.75 crores of income.

–         Sachin Tendulkar ranks seventh with earnings of 58 crores.

–         Global icon Priyanka Chopra makes her presence in the list at eighth position with 76 crores of annual earnings.

–         Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has still a long way to go as he ranks ninth with earnings of 32.62 crores.

–         Hrithik Roshan ranks tenth position with annual income of 90.25 crores.


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