Salman Khan Gives Mandana Karimi A Piece Of His Mind

Salman Khan Gives Mandana Karimi A Piece Of His Mind

In last night’s Bigg Boss episode we saw how evicted contestant Kishwer Merchant came on stage and opened-up to Salman Khan about her experience in Bigg Boss. During the episode, Salman confronted each one of the contestants in the house and asked which member in the house deserves to be called a legend according to them. The answer as expected was simple; the housemates could not name anybody who is a legend of Bigg Boss season 9.

Later, Salman gave Mandana a piece of his mind for treating Priya Malik like an outsider. She was also reminded that wildcard entries are sent into the house when the existing members of the house are not capable of entertaining the audiences. Mandana could not agree more with Salman.

The episode ended with a task, where the housemates were asked to unanimously decide who stands where in the competition. According to the contestants Rishabh was at number 6 and Salman asked him to come out of the house as he was evicted by the unanimous decision taken by the housemates. However, Salman said it was just a joke and it was not Rishabh, but Keith who is out of the house as he was ranked number 1. It left everyone shocked. Keith hugged his co-contestants goodbye, when Salman broke the news that there was no eviction this week! Whoa, quite a rollercoaster ride it was!

This week everybody in the house is nominated, and tonight Imam Siddique will enter Bigg Boss to make their lives hell!

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