Roles Which Exhibited Aamir Khan’s Versatility

Roles Which Exhibited Aamir Khan’s Versatility

If you want to learn how to nail every work with perfection, there’s only one person who can inspire you; & he’s none other than Aamir Khan – The Perfectionist Of Bollywood. Be it his stage presence, his ideas, his movies, his acting; everything he makes sure is perfect & audience should do nothing but love him.

We at Kinky Little Boots on Aamir’s 54th birthday, bring his top five career best movie characters which changed the light altogether in which we saw Aamir.

1. Sanju – Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
The carefree, fun-loving, irresponsible second born son, Sanju Sharma who often brags about himself, loves hanging out with his friends. Aamir showed a typical teenager who turns mature & responsible enough to take a revenge for his family.


2. Bhuvan – Lagaan
The patriotic, responsible, willing to make his village win against the unruly Britishers, Bhuvan had leadership qualities, abolished untouchability & thought way ahead of his time.


3. Ajay Singh Rathod – Sarfarosh
Aamir played the role of a diligent police inspector, who bonds with a Pakistani famous ghazal singer who is actually a terrorist, unknown to him. Ajay tries his best to reduce the terrorist activities in the country, later learn about his friend-turned-foe for the country.


4. Akash – Dil Chahta Hai
The carefree, spoilt, filthy rich boy from Mumbai, was never serious about anything. Be it love & relationships, career or even his friend’s emotions for that matter, he doesn’t care at all. But it was all about the right time that completely changed him.

dil chahta h

5. Rehan Khan – Fanaa
This time, Aamir played a grey character, which was of a terrorist. Rehan & Zooni though they loved each other, due to Rehan’s insurgent background he knew that they can’t be together.


6. Sanjay Singhania – Ghajini
A highly successful businessman, who had no other things to do other than cracking deals & immersed in work. Sanjay falls for Kalpana who was killed & also he got injured & developed anterograde amnesia. He still tries his best to avenge his love’s murder.


7. RamShankar Nikunj – Taare Zameen Par
A very interactive, playful, understanding & calm teacher who himself was dyslexic during childhood, guides students who are in boys hostel. He empathizes with dyslexic Ishaan, & invests his time, efforts into showing the world that kids like Ishaan too, deserve second chances at life & are special too.


So, these were the movies which were a tad different from mainstream Bollywood movies & made Aamir truly shine bright like a star! We at Kinky Little Boots, wish him a very Happy Birthday!

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