Ranveer Singh To Turn Into A Chocolate Boy For Befikre

Ranveer Singh To Turn Into A Chocolate Boy For Befikre

After the bald and tough look in Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer Singh is ready to don a completely opposite chocolate boy look in Aditya Chopra’s Befikre.

In a recent interview, when the Bajirao star was asked about Befikre’s progress, he said, “Bajirao Mastani, a mammoth of a film, I had three weeks to prepare, and Aditya Chopra gives me three months to prepare a light rom-com like Befikre. My first question was ‘Adi do we need this much of prep work?’ (laughs). It is a light, breezy romantic film we start shooting next month. And it is a huge deal for me to be working with Adi. He has only worked with SRK and for me to be selected as his muse is a big deal for me. I owe my career to him.”

“There were bunch of people who had told Adi back in 2010 ‘You have lost it and just because your films are flopping its gone to his head. Why are you taking this boy?’ and Adi had told them ‘You guys need to STFU. I know what I have found. I am launching him and this is happening. The sooner you guys accept it, the better it is’. He had the conviction and backed me,” the actor continued.

Ranveer also added, “I will be having a chocolate boy look. I have no idea although Sunday was my first day of work. Work has officially started on Befikre. I will explore it after a couple of months.”

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