Raabta Review: Game Of Thrones Inspired Characters With A Terrible Reincarnation Plot

Raabta Review: Game Of Thrones Inspired Characters With A Terrible Reincarnation Plot


Raabta trailer created a lot o buzz. From its comparison with Magadheera to Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput’s soaring chemistry, everything just raised the expectations of the audience. To be honest, this movie is nothing but a LOL! Right after the first frame till the film ended, we just couldn’t help but laugh at the illogical storyline and melodramatic plot.

Raabta has all the film masala one seeks from Bollywood movies. If you wish to watch a dramatic story with the pathetic clichéd end and boring to death acting skills, then you’ll enjoy every bit of this.

Casanova Shiv, played by Sushant Singh Rajput is leaving the country and settling in Budapest as a banker. Saira, played by Kriti Sanon, is a lonely chocolate connoisseur, who leads a normal life. When she meets Shiv, her life takes a topsy-turvy ride, giving her all the shakeups from her previous life. Despite being in love with two different people, they feel a weird connection of affection which gets them into a relationship. Well, this wasn’t enough to kill us with boredom, there enters Jim Sarbh, a multi-millionaire who is interested in Saira (of course because of the pichle janam ka pyaar).

The predictable storyline will make you a good guess-what-happens-next quiz player, but what disappoints the most is their previous life’s adaptation from Game Of Thornes’ Dothraki family. Yes! Sushant Singh’s Khal Drogo look will make you weep in the corner of the theater.

Kriti’s acting skills are just getting worse with every movie, and Sushant’s over-acting just compensates for Kriti’s performance. The only thing which will entertain you throughout the film is Jim, and only Jim.

Dinesh Vijan, thank you for adding Deepika Padukone in the title track, or else people might have slept in this three-hour-long film.

We give Raabta half star with no kink at all!

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