Priyanka Chopra Killing It As Alex Parish In Quantico!

Priyanka Chopra Killing It As Alex Parish In Quantico!

ABC’s new thriller series Quantico is set to release on the September 27 and Priyanka Chopra has already gotten her fans excited about it! She released a close to 7.40 minutes sneak peak of Quantico especially for her fans and it has got everyone hooked.

Like many other ABC shows, this one too seems to have a parallel plot. Two timelines, the past and the future interweave in the show.The first episode begins with Alex Parish (Priyanka Chopra) lying on the ground after an explosion and a few minutes into the preview we see her setting out for the FBI academy in Quantico.

Alex is a strong, focused and no-nonsense girl. It has been her only dream to become an FBI agent and she makes it come true. Further in the series, Alex becomes most wanted after a terrorist attack. How does a dedicated FBi agenet become a potential suspect for a terrorist attack? Everything unravels once the show begins! The sneak-peak also features other stars and their preludes, which grows curiosity for the show.

PeeCee tweeted, “Here it is… #8MinutesOfQuantico … we’re all so excited for you to see it! Feedback please!!! #Quantico”

We are sure the show will be as gripping as its 8 minute glimpse! Way to go Quantico!

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