Nanu Ki Jaanu Review: This Wanna-Be Horror “Comedy” Is Nothing But Lame AF

Nanu Ki Jaanu Review: This Wanna-Be Horror “Comedy” Is Nothing But Lame AF

nanu ki jaanu

Abhay Deol and Patralekhaa starrer Nanu Ki Jaanu have hit the theaters today, and we would like to warn you before watching the film in a multiplex.

DISCLAIMER: Read the review at your own risk, we have seen the film, reading this too might scare your abilities to understand.

We would like to directly cut you short of the story. But before reading the review, watch the trailer of the film again!

Seems a bit interesting, right? That’s what we thought! Guys, this film is no less than a hoax. You’ll thank us later for warning you before you watch this one with your fam jam or friends ki toli.

Storyline: Nanu, played by Abhay Deol is a criminal, who bullies people and occupy their property forcefully. While his business is going all good, he meets with an accident with Siddhi, played by Patralekhaa. Apparently, he finds her lying in the middle of the road and tries to save her. Unfortunately, she dies when they reach the hospital. Haunted by the thoughts and guilt of not able to save her, Nanu’s business is affected. The entire story revolves around a social road-safety message, with not-so-funny jokes and dim-witted one-liners. From falling in love with the ghost to becoming a responsible citizen, Nanu does it all!

The actors have done a decent job. Abhay shines bright in this so-called horror-comedy. Patrlekhaa’s smile will surely skip your heartbeat. The other cast has done a fabulous job. Rajesh Sharma as Siddhi’s obsessed dad will make you break in tears. Himani Shivpuri’s role of a typical Indian mother is not new for the viewers.

If you are up for some nonsensible jokes, and I-can’t-laugh movie dialogues, this one is surely your pick.

We give Nanu Ki Jaanu 1 star with no kink!

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