Movie Review: Sabki Bajegi Band – Reflects The Director’s Mindset

sabki bajegi band-01It’s disgusting, it’s crass and it’s full of forced sexual innuendoes; well, we are talking about Sabki Bajegi Band that has been written and directed by Anirudh Chawla.

The film is all about a bunch of losers at a party where they use every abusive word possible, make fun of every star or director and try desperately to sound cool and they discuss their sexual fantasies. Disgusting!!

To add to all this with, we even get to know that everybody in showbiz either loves to sniff coke, is voyeuristic, is incest loving, is into wife swapping, a regular leg spreading type, is impotent, is either homophobic or a homosexual hypocrite.

The film addresses topics like virginity, open relationships, extra-marital affairs, casting couch, and one night stands in probably the most immature way ever.

Sabki Bajegi Band stars Sumeet Vyas as Amit, Swara Bhaskar as Jaya, Alekh Sangal as Harsh, Shaurya Chauhan as Savvy, Amol Parasher as Sid, Aman Uppal as Karan, Jhanvi Desai as Pallavi, Samarth Shandilya as DK, Nisha Lalwani as Vasna and Raj Yadav as Randy.

The performances are juvenile, there is no screenplay, the camera work and editing are non-existing and last but not the least the entire product is offensive.

The makers are stating that nine celebrities, whose names aren’t disclosed, met at a farmhouse a few years ago. Anirudh Chawla arranged this night of debauchery so that he could secretly film their drunken confessions and late go on to make a reality film out of it. Did this actually happen?

Well, the answer, to according to me is fairly simple. It seems like director Anirudh Chawla has made a film that purely reflects his mindset and all that has been pent up within him so far.

It’s sad to know that a reputed house like Percept Pictures could even associate their name with something like this.

All in all, Sabki Bajegi Band has the power to put the entire film making process to shame.

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